About Harikleia Harriet Kuliopulos

It all starts with color and light--evocative, beautiful, intriguing ...

Harikleia Fine Art Studios
Harikleia's art story begins a little differently than many: For most of her life she was intimidated to even draw stick figures. This changed one afternoon on vacation in Greece, while sitting in front of a mountain chapel in the Taygetos Mountains. She felt inspired by the view-the small chapel before the craggy mountains, a mountain spring, a crescent moon still visible in the morning light-and felt the courage to put it into a drawing. Captivated, on return to Boston, she took her first introductory drawing lessons.

For several years afterwards, while working full-time as a project manager, she studied drawing and painting at the MFA studio art program, the Museum School, and MassArt. Then, wanting to dive deeper into understanding color, she met and studied with the Cape School of Art’s Cedric and Joanette Egeli, who became her mentors. They taught her to see the color of light in different atmospheric conditions en plein air; this practice is at the heart of all her painting. She's also interested in geometric compositions that sometimes verge on the abstract and in achieving a color and pictorial harmony in her paintings. She believe that selection and simplification can reveal a kind of truth of a place in a moment of time.

Harikleia is based in Boston and paints in the city, around New England, and in Europe. She's shown her work in juried shows, galleries in Boston and Cape Cod, and in various art festivals. Her work has been collected privately in the United States and internationally.